Free SIM cards

In Germany, Telekom, in coordination with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, is providing free SIM cards with unlimited data volume and unlimited telephony until 30 June 2022. Adults and young people aged 14 and over who have fled Ukraine can get the free SIM card through official aid organisations or in Telekom shops.

Telekom shops nearby:

  • TK Media, Saarbrücker Str. 8a, Schmelz, Tel.: 06887-887577, German, English
  • Euronics XXL Lebach, Heeresstr. 30, Lebach, Tel.: 06881-92040, German, English, Russian

The provider Vodafone also provides SIM cards for phone calls and surfing free of charge within the first three months via refugee homes. In addition, o2 Telefónica provides free SIM cards with a monthly flat rate for calls as well as a monthly data volume for refugees from Ukraine.

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