Cancer patients

How is cancer care ensured?

The Cancer Information Service at the German Cancer Research Center answers enquiries from refugees from Ukraine with cancer and their relatives. You can find relevant information and contact options here.

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Doctor‘s visit

Information for refugees from Ukraine

Medical care for refugees from Ukraine is provided in accordance with the Asylum Seekers' Benefits Act. You therefore need a so-called "treatment certificate". You can obtain this from the responsible municipal offices. At present (as of 10.03.2022), however, you first need to register in Lebach at the state reception centre.

Doctors and nurses wanted

Dear Ukrainian doctors and nurses living in Saarland!

Together with Saarbrücken General Hospital, we are looking for medical professionals with training and experience in this field. We are currently looking for

  • Technical assistant for the central operating theatre
  • Medical assistant (lower, middle, etc.) in the surgery department
  • Patient care assistants in the surgical department

Federal Ministry of the Interior and for Home Affairs

Welcome to Germany

Information also in Ukrainian and Russian

Basic Information - Where to Star - Medical care - Labour and Social Affairs - Mobility - FAQs

Free SIM cards

In Germany, Telekom, in coordination with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, is providing free SIM cards with unlimited data volume and unlimited telephony until 30 June 2022. Adults and young people aged 14 and over who have fled Ukraine can get the free SIM card through official aid organisations or in Telekom shops.


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