"Der GUTE ZWECK LADEN Schmelz" helps People in Need

Contact persons

On Monday, 28.03.2022, the network "Ukraine Hilfe Schmelz - Saarland" was founded in the Schmelzer Brauhaus to support the Ukrainian refugees arriving in Schmelz. Themes and tasks were distributed among various volunteers.

  • Logistics/procurement of materials: clothing, furniture, toys, household items, household appliances and school supplies, etc.
    Since then, this task has been taken care of by the team around Mrs. Christiane Görgen. This also concerns the acceptance and issue of the above-mentioned items. For this purpose, a central location with fixed acceptance and collection times will be set up on 2 April 2022:
    Der GUTE ZWECK LADEN, Hoher Staden 13 (next to Küchenstudio Scherer), 66389 Schmelz.
    In our Facebook group, but also in other Facebook groups, targeted appeals for donations are launched and the items that are currently needed are requested.
  • Language courses, school matters, childcare
    The Schmelz municipal administration has also made timely efforts to find language courses, school matters and childcare. Ms Schneider from the municipal administration is available as a contact person and is also responsible for finding accommodation and housing for refugees.
    The head of the public order office, Andy Rupp, and Dr. Katharina Hilker are available as contact persons for school matters.
    Dr. Katharina Hilker has also created this website, where you can find all the important contact details and contact persons for all topics. You will also find a list of contact persons who can help with translations between hosts and refugees by telephone.
  • Cash book and audit / donations account
    ayments of invoices are made by Wolfgang Horsch after they have been approved by the cash auditors: Mrs. Vera Koch, Dr. Katharina Hilker and Mr. Wolfgang Birringer. Cash payments from the donation account are excluded. The settlement of audited receipts or invoices is made without exception by bank transfer from the donation account at KSK Saarlouis.

The private initiative "Ukraine Hilfe Schmelz-Saarland", together with the municipal administration of Schmelz under the leadership of Mayor Wolfram, has managed to put a smile on the faces of mothers and children so that many bad memories are somewhat covered. Especially through the GOOD PURPOSE SHOP, such a great project has come into being, which has developed as a true treasure for people in need.

At this point, we would like to thank all donors, because without these donations in kind and money and without the men and women who work voluntarily, whether in the "GUTE ZWECK LADEN" itself or in the administrative area, such a project would never be possible.

In this context we would like to point out the donation account at the KSK Saarlouis:

„Der GUTE ZWECK LADEN Schmelz“ mit der IBAN: DE96 5935 0110 1370 7123 80

We would be very pleased if you would continue to support us with a financial donation. Here, our promise that every single cent will go exactly where it is urgently needed will also apply in the future.

The GUTE ZWECK LADEN Schmelz - For people in need:

In October 2022, we decided to open the "GUTE ZWECK LADEN" for ALL people in need. In addition to refugees from Ukraine and other countries, Christiane Görgen's team has since been taking care of ALL people in need who live in the community of Schmelz. When it became clear at the end of 2022 that there would also be a need for a contact point for people in need in the community of Schmelz in 2023, it was decided to continue the GUTE ZWECK LADEN in 2023. Therefore, the private initiative "Der GUTE ZWECK LADEN Schmelz" should be secured by association law. kolping logo transparentWith the Kolping Family Schmelz St. Marien (information in German), a good partner was found who will take over the sponsorship of the GUTE ZWECK LADEN from 1 March 2023.

"The needs of the time will teach you what to do". This quote by Adolph supports the mission statement of all Kolping Families and so taking over the sponsorship of the GUTE ZWECK LADEN was a logical step, which the Executive Board of the Kolping Family Schmelz St. Marien unanimously agreed to. The team of the GUTE ZWECK LADEN around Christiane Görgen can now continue to take care of people in need from Schmelz in the usual way, the well-known donation account remains and will be continued.

So please feel free to come and visit us. We are of course very happy to receive further donations.

Our opening hour: Mondays from 09:30-12:00.

Sincerely, your team from "Der GUTE ZWECK LADEN Schmelz - Für Menschen in Not".

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